Saturday, July 23, 2005

finally, the horrible common tests are over~~ well, one sentence to sum it all up:

i'm screwed.

yeah, it's that bad. haha! so, its confirmed that i will stop working at the end of july and i will use that 1 and a half months to catch up and make sure i pass ALL modules this semester. damn, its so much less stressful in secondary school. sec school is like, 'fail fail lah!! scared what??'

yesterday was the last day, with EC common test. i think all of us totally crapped in that paper. after that, its off to do projects with da jie and ky. its pathetic to be stuck in the library on a FRIDAY, what's more finishing our last paper. but well, NO CHOICE.

i left around 5pm to go to town to the gym for bodycombat. now, when you are rushing for time, many things can happen at one go.

i met yvonne while walking out the library. goodness, she looks like a malay now. what's up with the tan??? obviously ended up crapping with her a for a while (when i need to go to the gym) because we haven't seen each other in AGES. yvonne ah, yesterday was a bad hair day for me.. so please try to delete that image from your mind. haha.

saw botak. never know he went to NP. that guy never changed, he's still as skinny as ever. turns out they were going back to MJR because yesterday was the school's anniversary. as if i give a bloody damn. i have never forgiven the school since last year, they INVITED me to go to their school anniversary speech day when i had already graduated (some o level top students shit), and ordered me to wear like an AUNTIE (with fugly skirts and shoes) and to dye my hair BLACK. and all for?? a mere 2 mins up on stage to accept the crappy prize!! fuck you, MJR.

i never went back. i totally tore the invitation letter up.

then the biggest surprise of the day happened, while i was chiong-ing for the bus, i saw edmund!! omg. EDMUND??? he graduated from NP 3 years ago! turns out he went back to NP to pick his girlfriend up. so sweet of him~ but honestly, i never expect to see him there.. we talked for a while too (bus is already leaving!!!)

so, okok, finally managed to get on the bus. and what the heck. saw a pri school friend over there. never liked her. she's a bitch.

also saw some of my storytelling module mates on the bus. not close to them, so didn't talk except for the usual ' Hi, Bye!'

but thankfully, i managed to reach the gym on time. phew.

listening to Macabre right now. as in the song in the album. jerry, the Macabre album is not shit lah. in fact, i love the album. its my favourite album right up there with Gauze. ok, maybe Gauze wins it by a nose.

one of my favourite songs from that album is Zakuro. sad song, sad lyrics, incredibly sad singing. kyo sang it so heartbreakingly and despairingly at the Blitz 5Days concert that i was totally stunned.

he's a small guy, but what an incredible stage presence. KYO is LOVE.

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