Saturday, August 27, 2005

current music: Hydra by Dir en grey

headbanging music rules. just recently discovered another Jrock band, which is MUCC. they bloody rocks!!! i love their music~~!! its heavy enough for me. *smirks*

been a TERRIBLE week. everyday its projects, projects, projects. on monday, its to finish the Marketing project, and i ended up staying in school till 7pm and had to miss gym because of that.

TUESDAY. its even worse. turns out da jie and mine's EC website got a hella problems. its so traumatic to sit there for more than 4 hrs trying to figure out how to exactly work the website out. and i bloody hate EC. its like, the worst module of this semester. even though IEF is hard, at least its interesting. but EC?? its all bullcrap, i tell ya. i mean, if i do want to build a website, i will find a professional instead. so, i missed gym again. actually stayed in school till 8pm.


so we presented our website on wednesday (still with problems) and guess what? turns out the entire project only comprises of 20%. of all the time i could have spent on. after EC, i went down to orchard to pass my deposit of my costume to xrystal. she's a nice girl. ^^

thurs: its french class again. gods, i hate french. was dying in the class because i was way too tired. yes, i fell asleep. and oh my goodness. french must be like, the only IS module that will fully utilise the 4 hours of IS nightmare.

4 hrs!! with only 5 min break! is NP trying to kill us??? even so, i still have AAA re-test after french. i was completely drained after that.

fri: ok, ain't that bad. i overslept though. was late for IEF tutorial for 20 mins. oops. ms wong is one tutor you wouldn't want to offend. alternate exchange rate systems is a killer. i still have no idea what the bloody topic is about.

after IEF, had lunch with da jie and ky. after that, da jie left. ky and i talked for the next few hours. hahahhaa! gossiping?? hell yeah. zhiwei came over to talk to us for a while too. turns out he knows who is dir en grey. i was like, so happy. but i realised that i am totally addicted to such music now. if you want me to listen to hip-hop or whatever else, i will die. from pain.

but finally had the time to go to gym. urgh. still not happy after that.

and i am having a very big headache right now. i have no idea why.

i only know i am bloody pissed with this week because i hardly have any time to do anything except staying in school to chiong all the stupid projects.

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