Sunday, August 14, 2005

current music: RED.. [Em] by Dir en grey

VULGAR rocks. yeah yeah, many dir en grey fans, especially those of the Visual Kei days, can't accept this album. but i am starting to love this album more and more.

anyway, life's fucked up.

on friday, teckie and i went out. initially, it was to go to change my yukata but doris said she wasn't free. so plans to meet seven and osaka fell through. so don't bother lor. just walked around orchard to chill out.

ok, then the most fucked up thing happened. you see, i put my handphone into my bag, and was too lazy to check the phone lah. i didn't even hear the HP rang.

turned out my mother called me 12 times and when i went back home at 11pm, she totally went nuts. she barged into my room and started screaming her head off, saying i treat the home like a hotel.

i wanted to burst out laughing when i heard that line because it was so bloody cliche but obviously, i didn't laugh cause of how serious the situation was.

i only went mad when she threatened to cut off my HP line. she said she can do it within 5 minutes. either i give up my HP or stay grounded at home.

i was so bloody pissed. she's over-reacting for goodness sakes. my WHOLE FAMILY over-reacted.

worst of all, its the fucking ang moh. well, technically, he's my stepfather but i never and will ever acknowledge him as one. he came out of his room when its none of his freaking business and started screaming at me too. after that, he stomped to my room and actually took MY BAG.

that was way too wrong, mister. i am after all, already going to be 18 in a month's time and i do have my private life which i have no means of telling to ANY of my family members. actually, there weren't anything in my bag. if i knew he was gonna grab my bag just like that, i would have purchased all the different kinds of condoms. not only that, i would have put blood packs and weapons inside my bag too. then i would have gladly dump out all the contents in front of him to gawk over.

he then proceeded to cut off my internet connection. well, at least my mother was more sensible to put it back on for me. otherwise i would have run away from home because this whole thing is just too damn ridiculous.

well, just to give u guys an update on my status. my HP is confiscated for 2 weeks. i don't fucking care. ok, i take that back.

i DO care. but honestly, i rather give up my HP then be grounded for 2 weeks. i got way too many things to do outside than to stay at home to rot and look at their faces all day.

i will die.

right now, i am ignoring them. u can say my attitude sucks. and honestly, i don't give a fucking damn. i am way too bloody pissed to even give a damn bout MY ATTITUDE.

yes, i was wrong to not answer the phone. and i apologised a zillion times for that. BUT NO.

they refused to give me a 2nd chance. so be it! this is what its like from now on. the thing that pissed me off is still the grabbing of bag incident. goodness, i was having a tug-of-war with him OVER MY BAG.


they bloody over-reacted. so whatever.

i spent the whole day at home today cause i am sick AGAIN. yesterday finally went to change to a better-looking yukata. i love auntie doris! she rocks! the funny thing is, she said she likes our group (which only consist of teckie and i. haha!) cause our dressing is hiphop-ish.

i wanted to die when i heard that. i HATE hip hop. granted, i used to be obsessed with hip hop and for a period of time, i wanted to dress hip-hop.

but now, i didn't even try. in fact, i was badly dressed and i got comments saying i dress hip hop.

wtf is this???!! *snorts*

but i had a great time talking to her because she knows a lot about life and she gave us some japanese-looking tops for free. i love her!!

at night, went to gym. then had dinner with teckie and benita. sat was benita's birthday, you see. and i took the chance to stay out cause i didn't want to go home. well, i am not that close to benita lah. in fact, i only met her like 3 times but she's a very friendly person. ^^

well, exams are coming and i need to buck up, especially for my AAA. i can't fail that module coause it will seriously suck.

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