Sunday, August 07, 2005

currently listening: Jay Chou - Yi Fu Zhi Ming (finally! not a dir en grey song!!!)

its been a hectic week for me. firstly, the IEF presentation. it was a total nightmare. we totally researched on the wrong stuffs.

ok, that is a little exaggerated. what i should say is, the answer was just right in front of us, but we never thought of researching down THAT PATH before.. instead, we went on this huge roundabout which is totally unnecessary.

i was totally stressed out. but nevertheless, i was darn glad it's finally over. no more IEF presentation le~~!!

well, after that, had lunch with regina and ky. then, its off to town to do some errands.

goodness. i am wondering. why the hell am i still so busy even after i stopped working! first, its off to collect my check, but the boss wasn't around. then, jasmine called. went off to meet her. halfway, another friend called. so i went all the way to wisma in my 4-inches(10cm) heels to pass her some trinity blood HP strap. after that, MUM called. so its off to takashimaya again to meet her to buy some cosmestics (finally interested in makeup. mainly due to the interest in visual kei and cosplay) and finally to get my check.

then, off to meet jasmine again at mos burger. she has a great friend called Kai Ling. Kai Ling rocks! she knows breaking!! O_O!!

we also went to far east plaza to shop and talked rubbish. goodness, i miss jasmine so much~^_^

jasmine and i at mos burger.

looking totally weird.

my outfit for the formal IEF presentation. looked like a japanese high school student instead. *snorts* credit to Julia who lent the ENTIRE OUTFIT to me, well, except for the maryjanes, which are mine.


went to gym early in the morning. i skipped hiphop again!! for the 3rd consecutive week! i am so sick of hiphop. the MUSIC, i mean. its so trashy.

went to meet teckie in the afternoon. we bought some okonomiyaki at bugis junction and walked over to KKNM.

i mentioned to teckie that there are 2 places in Singapore that cosplayers will definitely be noticed gathering together.

one: its KKNM. my goodness, we saw osaka, gwing, aoi, rennie, taku, and goodness-knows-who-else when we entered into KKNM.

2nd: its kinokuniya. guess what. not only did we see the above people mentioned again, we saw peggy as well. wtf!!

is the world really that small???

hahahaaha! spent a long while in kino bullshitting and the rest talking about Bleach Cover 18. i wanted to die when i saw the cover. someone please save me.

saw a couple of goths and punks (no, we don't know who they are). i strongly believed that one of the skirts that a punk wore is from H.Naoto. a famous japanese punk brand which is my number 1 destination the moment i land on tokyo and step into Harajuku.

i love that skirt! teckie and i already promised each other that we will dress up one day and have fun! punk and gothic lolita rules!! punk rules more~ LOL.

went to far east plaza after that. we bought a black tie that costs only $2 and i found a pretty punkish-looking cap that only costs me $6.90! good catches!

found some really lolita-looking clothes. fell in love with one of them but it costs $70. *sighs* well, that is ok. one of the dresses cost $600 in the shop. its absolutely nuts, i'm telling ya. i think if i go to harajuku, i will be able to find NICER looking ones with cheaper prices.

its crazy.

by the time teckie and i finally want to go home, its 9.30pm. but that's because the shops are all closed anyway. hahaha!

so, here's how i spent my fri and sat.

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