Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Usually when I'm not blogging, it means my life has been too happening. Sounds weird, huh? Because people will blog when their lives are happening, but i happened to fall in a very different category.

I mean, i only blog when i'm bored. if i have too many things going on in my life, where on earth am i going to find the time to blog and tell to the whole world?

but since i'm blogging now, it can only mean one thing:


this is because i just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted 2 days ago. currently resting at home. i mean, i cannot even go out at all. face is as swollen as a inflated balloon.

yes, its that bad. i can't even bear to look at myself in the mirror.

i don't mind blogging about the gory details though. main aim is to freak you guys out. (yes, i am very sadistic, sad to say).

so basically, first they had me changed to this damn ugly hospital gown. those who are familiar with the japanese culture should know that for the kimono, you fold the left over your right side. the other way is only for those who are dead.

guess what? the hospital gown is fold right over left. wa kao. i mean, its bad enough you are in the hospital, there's no need for the patients to dress like the dead right??!??!

anyway, in the surgery room, they put me under IV drip. damn, it definitely hurts when they poked the needle into my hand. after that, they put me under general antheseptic(GA).

thank goodness i asked for GA. i definitely wouldn't want to be awake and see all those knives going into my mouth during the whole surgery.

ok, so i was obviously knocked out during the whole procedure. but i did know what happened during the surgery. haha. doctor did explained to me everything before it mah..

so, they stuck all kinds of wires to my chest to monitor my progress, and when i was KO-ed, they inserted a tube down my throat (fuck, having sore throat now. probably abrasion) so that i would not choke from my own blood and saliva. wow, interesting way to die.

i woke up, absolutely freaked because i was breathing through an oxygen mask. demanded for the mask to be taken away. haha.

discharged about 2 hrs later and yes, i threw the teeth away. they were fucking huge, and bloody. absolutely disgusting.

so now, bored out of my ass at home. and am figuring out what the hell i should do. been eating super-duper liquidfied porridge for the past few days now.. SO SICK!!

lastly, i would like to thank my aunt for staying in the hospital throughout with me, my dad for fetching me home, khay wai and nereid for sms-ing good luck wishes.

where are the rest?? tsk tsk.. pang sei me izzit??!?!

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